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How do I determine whether a single tank or multi-tank CIP system is suitable for my facility?

This is not a simple answer and does need some clarification as to the type of industry the CIP system is to be designed. There are single and multi-tanks systems that are for single use CIP, and there are multi-tank systems that are for re-use of the CIP solutions. For the multi-tank re-use CIP systems […]

I’m thinking of purchasing a CIP unit for use in cleaning my bioreactors. How do I determine whether the CIP system unit is suitable to meet my cleaning needs?

A proper assessment needs to be performed on your equipment to assure that variables of temperature, velocity/pressure, chemical concentration, and exposure time are precisely delivered to all areas effectively for your equipment. (It should be noted that some older style bioreactors may not be suitable for cleaning, and manual cleaning may be the best option.) […]