How do I determine whether a single tank or multi-tank CIP system is suitable for my facility?

This is not a simple answer and does need some clarification as to the type of industry the CIP system is to be designed. There are single and multi-tanks systems that are for single use CIP, and there are multi-tank systems that are for re-use of the CIP solutions. For the multi-tank re-use CIP systems there are separate tanks for detergents (Acid, Base) and washing solution (e.g., water). The system can be setup for re-use of detergents and washing solution, but may not be adequate for biopharmaceutical in terms of prevent cross contamination (e.g., viral contamination).

The single and multi-tank CIP system can also be setup for single use only. These systems are appropriate for biopharmaceuticals, as there is no re-use of the cleaning agent for biopharmaceuticals. They are also relatively easy for validation depending on number of pumps, valves, and the complexity of cycle.